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Spaejari Youth Award

John and Remington

Spaejari is the Icelandic name of the Icelandic endurance horse commonly known as Remington. Spaejari is known for his determination, passion and indomitable will. This award is intended to inspire and encourage these same qualities in our youth who enjoy spending time with Icelandic Horses. John and Marilyn Parke will sponsor this award on an annual basis.

To be eligible, you must be a USIHC member, or child of a member, and under the age of 18 years. The award will be given to those young people who most clearly demonstrate their commitment and love for the Icelandic Horse. This commitment can be shown by taking part in any kind of riding activity, including for example, recreational trail riding, showing, driving, gymkhana, endurance riding, dressage, team penning, jumping, trail trials and competitive trail riding. Desirable participation can include 4H programs, volunteering with therapeutic riding programs, rescue programs and adoption programs. Simply training or caring for Icelandic Horses can also show the requisite commitment.

The winners will be selected by the USIHC Youth Committee. Any youth interested in the award should submit a recent photo and a story of two pages or less describing what he or she likes to do with Icelandic Horses. Entries should be received by January 31 of each year so that the winners can be announced at the annual meeting. The entries should be sent directly to the Congress office with the words "Spaejari Youth Award" written clearly on the outside of the envelope.

Three awards will be given each year with the winners being featured in the next available USIHC Quarterly along with their pictures. Each of the three winners will receive a plaque and $50 directly from John and Marilyn.

Please encourage any children you know with an interest in Icelandics to work hard and take a shot at the award.

John Parke
Solvang CA

Since the award is affiliated with the USIHC, the recipients must have some connection to the organization. Children participating in therapeutic riding programs should not be discouraged from applying for the award. I am told that adult memberships in the USIHC cost $35 a year while junior memberships are something like $10. Anyone helping a child apply for the award can send in a membership application along with the submission for the award. Conceivably some parent or sponsor won't think it worth the money eventhough the child has done the work and submitted a story and picture. In that case, I will pay for the membership myself for a child who would otherwise win the award.

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